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Since 1997, NINCH has organized Copyright Town Meetings across the nation, bringing the basic facts about copyright law and recent copyright issues to wide audiences in the educational and cultural communities. These not only educate but also provide a forum for sharing copyright concerns with assembled experts.

1997-1998 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003

2003 Town Meetings

February 22: New York City
College Art Association Conference, New York City
Digital Publishing: A Practical Guide to Rights Challenges in the Electronic Environment for Artists, Museums, Authors, Publishers and Readers.

April 12: Cleveland
Cleveland Museum of Art
Copyright for Artists and their Public: Artists Rights and Art's Rights

May 22: Portland, OR
American Association of Museums Conference, Portland, OR
Creating Museum IP Policy in a Digital World

2002 Town Meetings (in reverse chronology)

    2001-2 Draft Summary Report (PDF)

    September 30: Atlanta
    Georgia Institute for Technology, Atlanta, GA
    Media Issues In The Digital Age: Copyright Strategies For Culture & Education

    September 7: Toronto
    Museum Computer Network Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Creating Museum IP Policy in a Digital World

    March 23: St Louis
    ARLIS/VRA Conference, St Louis, MO
    The Information Commons Today

2001 Town Meetings: Reports

2001-2 Draft Summary Report (PDF)

    November 19: Eugene
    University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
    Creating Policy in Universities

    October 27: Cincinnati
    Museum Computer Network Conference, Cincinnati, OH
    New Strategies, New Contexts

    September 24: New York City
    New York Public Library, New York City
    Intellectual Property and Multimedia in the Digital Age

    June 28: Denver
    University of Denver, Denver, CO
    Copyright & Primary Source Materials

    April 25: Houston
    Rice University, Houston, TX
    Copyright Perspectives

    March 3: Chicago
    College Art Association Conference, Chicago, IL
    Licensing Initiatives for Scholars and Teachers: Contributions from the Copyright Industry and Other Resources

2000 Town Meetings: Reports

Summary Report (PDF)

    May 18: Baltimore
    American Association of Museums Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
    Copyright Confusion? Community Guides

    April 5: San Francisco
    Visual Resources Association Conference, San Francisco, CA
    The Public Domain: Implied, Inferred and in Fact

    March 7: Chapel Hill
    Triangle Research Libraries Network, Chapel Hill, NC
    Distance Education

    February 26: New York City
    New York Museum of Modern Art/College Art Association, New York City
    Conference Tug of War between Faculty, University, and Publisher

    February 4: Syracuse
    Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
    Access: The DMCA and Digital Copyright Issues

    January 11: Chicago
    Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, IL
    The Public Domain

1997-1998 Town Meetings
1997-1998 Final Report
1997-1998 Summary Report: Themes in the Town Meetings

February, 26, 1998: Toronto
College Art Association Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital World: Views from the Worlds of Scholarship, Publishing and Museums

Sept 26-27, 1997: Portland
Reed College, Portland, OR
Copyright Law in the Digital World: Fair Use, Education and Libraries After CONFU

April 27, 1997: Atlanta
American Association of Museums Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Fair Use of Digital Images

April 4, 1997: Indianapolis
Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indiana
Fair Use, Education and Libraries: A Town Meeting to Examine the Conference on Fair Use

February 16, 1997: New York
College Art Association Conference, New York
Fair Use of Digital Images

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